Extra Happy Holidays
Haus of Grip

This year, each member of the Haus of Grip has revealed their most extra selves. Our most over-the-top, excessive selves that lay inside the mysterious walls of our humble chateau each work day. Don’t be shy, explore and divulge, as we hope you’ll find your true extra self this holiday season.

The King of Silence

If silence is golden, then he is Midas. Partaking in a long, encumbering Silent Game with his children, he is determined to win. This "vow of silence" allows him to reach the apex of enlightenment through listening. That is until his phone rings.


The Rogue Vogue

This may be the only photograph ever captured of the ever-elusive Rogue Vogue, a gift we shall forever cherish. After successfully avoiding the limelight for a suspiciously long time — resisting each flash, film or filter pointed her way — she has serendipitously stumbled onto a photoshoot, emerging from the darkness and onto the cover of Vogue.


The Distilled not Stirred

Sire Josh, in constant pursuit of purification and ultimate cleanliness, does not settle when it comes to eating. By preparing all his fare through a proprietary distilling process, Josh is able to achieve the purest form of sustenance possible. A splash of spirits and a sprinkle of sea salt, and dinner and drinks are served.


Bond, Leather Bond

Defying any negative thoughts, Leather Bond remains the pinnacle of positivity by harnessing the power of love. He is able to attain and remain at such a remarkable level due to an unequivocal positive outlook. And a literal harness.


The Thawt

Thawty is never without a fur coat, wool socks, hand-warmers and of course, heels. Commonly misinterpreted as having cold shoulders, she never ceases in her endless pursuit to thaw herself and reveal her true self and warm demeanor.


Queen of Trash

Dumping her Burger King and moving into a Shake Shack, the honorable Queen of Trash rules the land adorning gloves to conceal her weakness for Cheetos, the cursed demise of her dishonorable line of predecessors.


Rags to Rage

YouTube celebrity by both day and night, Rags to Rage started his life on the streets. This influencer made his way sweeping floors and building beats. The Haus owns all the rights to his videos and is actively seeking distribution channels.


Mother of the Haus

The Haus’s own Mother Nature was hit hardest this year with the multitude of natural disasters. With each hit, beautiful as she is, the Mother of Haus has a shattered ego. Please send letters of encouragement, for she has control of how harsh this winter’s conditions will be.


The Empress Slayer

Murdering poses and killing the selfie game, all from the realm of her humble abode, the Empress Slayer is embalmed in a life of eternal mourning of any and everything in her path. Slaying takes a toll on the eternally scrolling, always trolling.


Leader of Lit

Our Leader of Lit has invested her fortune into living her life to its fullest. It’s the millennium of the millennials and everyone else is just living in it, disapprovingly. Sorry, Not Sorry™. Rosé All Day™. Humble Brag™.


The Competitor

Determined to win at something in life, The Competitor has risen to the challenge that no one has challenged her to. Crossing the finish line of a self-imposed competition of one, the winner awards herself a trophy, several well-executed pats on the back, and basks in the glory of triumphing over no one.


The Comeback Fashionista

What goes around comes around, not always as fortunately as it has for the Comeback Fashionista. Holding onto yesteryear’s trends for the last 20 years has proven fruitful for our happenstance fashion mogul. When not wardrobing the runways of Milan from her trunk of former travesties, she can be seen raising an eyebrow at your OOTD.